Angel Avengers 01: Girl Power Download

Angel Avengers 01: Girl Power Download

HD: 1280x720
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Who are the Angel Avengers? Are they comic book heroines? Bionic femme fatales? Paranormal government operatives? Supernatural super spies? World-class martial artists? Agents of a higher power? The embodiment of feminine grace, beauty, virtue and strength?

All of the above!!!!

The Angel Avengers series will feature a rotating cast of sexy and unstoppable warrior women in standalone action-adventure clips. Our heroines are tasked with protecting the world from mundane menaces like terrorists, assassins and criminal syndicates... while also keeping the paranormal forces of darkness and evil at bay. Bad guys beware!

Angel Avengers 01: Girl Power
Angel Brink and Angel Ash are deployed to intercept a smuggling operation with ties to a villainous overlord known as Big Joel Nekoda. Brink and Ash overpower the perimeter guards and break into the villain's compound where the action really heats up. Brink takes down one thug in a one-sided martial arts smackdown, while Ash draws another thug outside to show him who's boss with a barrage of powerful high kicks and right hooks. A unique blend of cinematic action mixed with POV shots puts you in the middle of the action as these two heroines dominate their male opponents with style.

Starring Heather Brinkley as Angel Brink, Ashley Wilson as Angel Ash, Tsvetanka Vergilova as Nikki, Anthony Wayne as Tony, Stem Whitaker as Slim. Produced & Directed by Bill Black.
"B-Movie King" and cult movie legend Joel D. Wynkoop guest stars as Big Joel Nekoda!

Runtime: 12 Minutes (not including an additional 2 minutes & 40 seconds of credits and behind-the-scenes extras: 14 minutes and 40 seconds total)
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Available in High Definition (HD) 1280x720 widescreen format 

HD: 1280x720 - $11.95 Add to Cart