Nightveil: The Sorcerer’s Eye I Download

Nightveil: The Sorcerer’s Eye I Download

Nightveil: The Sorcerer's Eye I Download
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The Cloak (more cunning, mysterious and lethal than ever before), forms an unholy alliance with the evil witch Alizarin Crimson to liberate her from the dark dimension of limbo. Hungry for revenge against the woman responsible for her imprisonment, Crimson captures Nightveil with the intent to rob the powerful heroine of her free will and mystical might. But Crimson’s plans go awry when she inadvertently unleashes the Blue Bulleteer! Unarmed, outnumbered and outmatched, the Blue Bulleteer must use her wits to survive against her two most powerful foes. And, as if the Bulleteer wasn’t already having a bad day, Alizarin Crimson dispatches an enslaved Nightveil to hunt her down as well! Can the Bulleteer save herself from…herself? What is the clever Cloak’s true agenda? And what is the Sorcerer’s Eye?

The lovely and talented Maria Paris turns in a tour de force, triple-threat performance as she portrays the wicked Alizarin Crimson (reprising her role from Nightveil: Witchwar), the plucky Blue Bulleteer in a sexy new costume (reprising her role from Captured by the Cloak) and for the first time takes on the role of Nightveil, the Femforce’s popular Sorceress Supreme (and the Blue Bulleteer’s mystical alter ego)! Maria did a masterful job portraying each of her varied roles with three distinctive looks and personalities that we were proud to capture on film. Not to be outdone, Mike Acord redefines “over-the-top” and nearly steals the show with his dazzling Vincent Price-inspired performance as The Cloak. This movie was filmed in 2008 and features the Smarty Pants debut of the stunning Nicola Rae, the statuesque beauty who would go on to become our Stormy Tempest and Nyoka the Jungle Girl in 2009.

Nightveil: The Sorcerer’s Eye is an ambitious, genre-hopping, retro classic from the creative mind of micro-budget film maverick Bill Black with a screenplay by JohnJG sure to delight fans old and new as superheroines from the long-running FemForce comic book come to life on screen like never before!

Runtime 28 minutes
Windows Media format: 740×480

Nightveil: The Sorcerer's Eye I Download - $9.95 Add to Cart