Nyoka the Jungle Girl Fights Back (2011) Download

Nyoka the Jungle Girl Fights Back (2011) Download

Nyoka the Jungle Girl Fights Back (2011) Download
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The thrilling final chapter in Bill Black’s cliffhanger serial saga is here! Stunning CultRetro action starlet Nicola Rae returns as Nyoka Gordon to battle the evil Crimson Skull for control of the mystical Amulet of Vultura… and this time she does it in a classic (and sexy) leopard-print jungle girl costume! The plot twists and turns as bullets and fists fly! If you love action, adventure, comic books, serials, guys dressed up like gorillas, or beautiful gals kicking ass then this movie is for you! Gunfights! Knife fights! Fist Fights! Catfights! Gorilla fights! Peril! Bondage! Betrayal! Victory! Defeat! Horses! Humor! Plot Twists! Cleavage! Mayhem! Special Effects! It’s a non-stop, two-fisted, barefooted, vine-swinging jungle action thrill ride! Witness the fury of Satan the Gorilla unleashed! See the epic final battle between Nyoka and the Crimson Skull now!

This chapter (as with ALL serials) begins with opening title cards that explain everything you need to know to jump right into the story and enjoy this film even if you have not yet seen the others.

Special Notes: Bringing the new adventures of Nyoka to life is a labor of love for all of us. We stepped up our game to make the finale as big as we could make it. Director Bill Black and practical effects genius Chris Casteel designed and constructed a massive sacrificial altar and a giant, ceremonial, vulture-themed monolith to create an awesome outdoor set for the Nyoka saga’s final confrontation. Jungle artifacts, skulls, masks and spears are scattered throughout the set. A heavy chain is staked into the ground to contain Satan the Gorilla. A large pole topped with a gruesome shrunken head restrains our helpless jungle heroine. We’ve even got a rope vine mounted for Nyoka to swing on! Tarzan, eat your heart out! Digital effects wiz JohnJG created the illusion that the entire set was located on the edge of a cliff to add even more drama and scope to the setting. The result is the most ambitious environment we have ever created as a backdrop for one of our longest and most spectacular battle sequences. Pierce Knightley and Nicola Rae really beat the tar out of each other to make the fight choreography fierce, creative and dramatic, while delivering some of their finest acting to date. Professional gorilla man Chris Casteel took “method acting” to a whole new level to BECOME the savage Satan for a pivotal and unforgettable scene. Stem Whitaker delivers a dangerous and menacing performance as the unappreciated mercenary Hunt Reardon. And while Autumn Sage may be new to CultRetro films she has quickly earned a place as one of our finest actresses with her portrayal of the complex and enigmatic adventuress known as Rulah. Microbudget directors Bill Black and JohnJG push the envelope of do-it-yourself filmmaking.  Everything comes together to create an explosive finale for one of the greatest adventures in action heroine history!

Runtime: 30 Minutes (Including a 4 minute behind-the-scenes featurette)
Windows Media format: 864×480 widescreen, 556MBs

Nyoka the Jungle Girl Fights Back (2011) Download - $14.95 Add to Cart